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Nel Asa - Stock, IPO & History

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Name: Nel Asa
Foundation: 1927
Head office: Oslo / Norway
Shares available for purchase: Yes
Is often mentioned in context: Nikola, Kvaerner, Powercell Sweden, Hexagon Composites, Hyundai, Mitsubishi

Nel Asa markets hydrogen products for production, storage and the development of a hydrogen infrastructure. Nel is best known for its hydrogen filling stations.

Nel Asa built the first electrolyser back in 1927 and has since become a hydrogen global player. After going public on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2014, Nel completed the "world's largest production facility for hydrogen filling stations" one year later. Nel caused quite a stir when it entered into a partnership with Nikola Motors in 2017. Together, the companies plan to create a worldwide infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations. Nel's task is to supply the necessary filling stations. The IPO of Nikola 2020 also inspired the imagination of Nel investors as can be seen from the share price. At the beginning of 2020, the share price rose from just under 1 euro to around 1.80 euro today (June/2020).

More recent history:
Capital increase of Nel - 70 million action sold in a flash | 06/2020 - Link

Nel with new hydrogen filling stations Order from South Korea | 06/2020 - Link

Nel receives government funding (Norway) | 07/2020 - Link

Nel receives funding for the development of a new electrolyser stack | 02/2020 - Link