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McPhy Energy - Stock, IPO & History

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Name: McPhy Energy
Foundation: 2008
Head office: La Motte-Fanjas, France
Shares available for purchase: Yes, since 2014
Is often mentioned in context: ENERTRAG HyTec, APEX Energy, ENGIE, EDF, Hynamics, Symbio

Electrolyzers, Hydrogen filling stations

McPhy Energy was founded in 2008 in Grenoble, France. The company was founded with the aim to realize and market hydrogen and its storage in metal hydrides. In order to expand the product range, the Italian company Piel was acquired in 2013. In the years until 2019 McPhy enters into several partnerships and expands internationally, e.g. Germany, Abu Dhabi, USA, etc. The last capital increase of almost 7 million Euro took place in 2019. In 2020 McPhy was selected to equip the largest hydrogen production plant in Europe. The hydrogen shall be produced carbon-free.

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