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Hyzon Motors - Stock, IPO & History  

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Company: Hyzon Motors
Foundation: Jan/2020
Head office: New York / USA
Shares available for purchase: No
IPO planned: unknown

Called in context: Horizon Fuel Cell Energies, Total SE, Hiringa Energy, WarpForge
Products: Fuel cell buses, fuel cell trucks, fuel cell pickup, fuel cells micro-cars

With major announcements, the company Hyzon Motors Inc. entered the stage in early 2020. The company promised nothing less than a reorganization of the automotive sector, through all segments, from small cars to trucks. As a drive, Hyzon wants to use the fuel cell in combination with hydrogen as fuel. Hyzon from Singapore receives the fuel cells for its vehicles from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, which has been active in the fuel cell sector since 2003. A sign of close cooperation (or that Hyzon is a spin-off) is that Hyzon's CEO is the founder of Horizon and also sits on Horizon's board of directors. The buses and trucks to be launched in 2020 will be produced in Rochester, New York.

Younger history:
- Hyzon Motos intends to deliver its first hydrogen trucks in November of this year - of course with a fuel cell from Horizon

- Hyzon Motors is coming to Europe. In Groningen in the Netherlands, fuel cell trucks are to be produced

- A "superbus" operated with hydrogen is to be the result of a cooperation between WarpForge and Hyzon. Warpforge provides its super light composite material for the body, Hyzon supplies the fuel cell

- Oil giant Total invests $15 million in hydrogen startup Hyzon Motors. After Shell, Total is now the second oil company to increasingly contribute to the hydrogen issue.