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The CEO of the German car manufacturer Audi gives the fuel cell a rebuff.

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Experts and those who want to be have been arguing for years about whether the future of road traffic will be battery powered electrically or based on hydrogen and fuel cells. Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, however, does not see a future for hydrogen and fuel cells as a drive system for cars.

"We will not be able to produce the hydrogen required for the drive system in sufficient quantities in a CO2-neutral manner in the next few decades. I therefore do not believe in hydrogen for use in cars", he told the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". "The solution for the car is the battery."

Audi 2024 should see a major step forward in automated driving. His US competitor Tesla would find it easier to take the risks involved. "We have the technology too, but we are not yet unlocking it," said Duesmann.

"If an Audi model were to make serious mistakes because the autopilot does not work reliably, we would endanger the entire company with almost 90,000 employees. That's why we are so cautious."

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