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480 km range, refueling in 3 minutes: The small hydrogen car by Riversimple

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The hydrogen startup Riversimple plans to start production of the Rasa fuel cell small car in three years. In 2024 a light delivery van especially for parcel delivery services is also scheduled to hit the streets.

The Welsh start-up Riversimple has set itself the goal of collecting 150 million pounds (around 166 million euros) in an investment round over the next three years. The money is to be invested in two production facilities. In one of them Rasa plan to built small fuel cell cars to go into series production from 2023. The second production facility is mainly intended to build a fuel cell delivery van for the last mile.

Riversimple is currently looking for sites in Central and South Wales and, according to a press release, is in negotiations with both the British and Welsh governments about production plans. To date, the Company has relied heavily on crowdfunding and grant funding. The fact that investors are now being approached represents a "remarkable change in the evolution of the company".

"The potential of hydrogen to contribute to a clean energy future is recognized by governments and the private sector worldwide. With the imminent ban on vehicles with internal combustion engines, it is now time to focus on clean and efficient alternatives," said company founder Hugo Spowers. "We are focused on providing a convenient and commercially viable fuel cell vehicle and ushering in a new era of automotive production in the heart of Wales".